Our Mission

As an Alaskan privately owned Corporation, our mission is to work closely with our clients to put our cutting edge products, techniques and innovative solutions to work, while ensuring the highest safety standards and protection for the Alaskan environment.

Our Vision

To provide our clients with cutting edge products and services that will withstand the harsh Alaskan environment and conditions. To provide our employees with the best possible safety, environmental and product education. To have the fore site to solve a problem before it arises.

Alaska Industrial Coatings, Inc

Specializing in Sand Blasting, Specialty Coatings, Urethane Insulation and Fire Proofing

Serving Alaska for over 35 years

Alaska Industrial Coatings, Inc. P.O. 56143 North Pole, Alaska 99705 Ph. 907-590-7681 Fax. 907-488-6255

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